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LIVE Multimedia CD-ROM production

What LIVE Multimedia can do for your company


We convert your printed catalog to CD-ROM and save you thousands on printing, storage & postage.

For as little as 59¢ each, we transfer all of your printed materials to a small, easy to use CD perfect for handing out at trade shows or as an inexpensive pre or post-show mailing.

One CD-ROM can contain thousands of pages of sales literature, repair manuals, user guides, technical documents ... even videos!

No matter how much information you put on a CD, it will always weigh under an ounce, cutting your postage costs by as much as 90%.


BloodHound is our revolutionary CD tracking technology that gives your sales and marketing material the critical step that it has always been missing -- direct, in-depth feedback.

BloodHound tracks the user's path as they view your CD-ROM and instantly reports this valuable data back to you.

Now when you send out a CD-ROM you will know:

  • How often your CD-ROM was viewed
  • Which items they found most interesting
  • Which items they found least interesting
  • How well your message was received
  • Who clicked through to your web page
  • What video clips they watched
  • And much, much more...

More Information About BloodHound CD Tracking


Today more than ever it is critical to use every opportunity get the word out about your company's products or services. So why are you still handing out those boring old printed business cards?

Now you can hand out business card sized CD-ROMs that presents your entire company in a interactive format. From pictures and text about your latest product to video clips showing that product in action. You can also include a link to your web site and email address.


From start to finish, LIVE Multimedia will manage every aspect of your next DVD project.

From menu design to video preparation and compression to programming to package design and replication.


LIVE Multimedia specializes in producing videos to fit every business need, whether it's employee orientation, sales and marketing, training, commercials, product demonstrations or corporate events. Our dynamic video targets your particular market and captures the attention of your audience.

As the ultimate sales tool, video captures the attention of your customer and provides them with a first-hand look at the features and benefits of your products or services.


Using a variety of cutting-edge software and hardware tools, our talented video compressionists painstakingly analyze every aspect of your footage to deliver the perfect balance of video and audio quality while keeping file sizes to a minimum.

We can compress video into any format you require:

  • Web Streaming: QuickTime, Windows Media, or Real Media
  • Video for CD-ROM: MPEG-1, WMV
  • DVD: MPEG-2, AC-3 Surround Sound Audio

  • Promotional Mailings

    Trade Show Handouts

    Corporate Brochures

    Repair Catalogs

    Software Installation

    Business Cards

    New Product Announcements

    Educational Study Guides

    Product Demonstrations

    Annual Reports

    Parts Catalog

    Sales Presentations

    New Employee Training

    Customer Education

    Product Assembly Instructions

    Direct Mail

    Public Relations